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Register for KY Prelicense Real Estate Classes

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At a Glance...
Our classes to get your real estate license are online.
Our tuition is $540 and it includes your book, Modern Real Estate Practice, the Pass My Real Estate Exam Review Videos, and the Kentucky Real Estate Law Review!

Modern Real Estate Practice

Please read this entire page.  Registration is at the bottom of the page.

Career Development Center is proud to offer a blend of online and webcam prelicense classes. Kentucky requires a total of 96 clock hours to sit for the exam. 60 hours are taken at your pace any time 24/7 while the remaining 36 hours are taken by webcam with a live instructor.  

Ready to get your Kentucky real estate license?

We're ready to help you start your real estate career and yes, you can start today!

We've been in the real estate education business for over 25 years and it's not only our career, it is our passion. Below are most of the questions that people ask, but if you have others, just give us a call or send us an email. 

How do I qualify for a Kentucky real estate license?

The Kentucky Real Estate Commission requires that you:

  • be at least 18 years of age;
  • have a copy of a high school diploma, GED, high school transcript, or a copy of a college degree or transcript from a college or university showing completion of at least 28 credit hours;
  • complete 96 clock hours of prelicense classes, complete a class project, and pass the class exam with a score of 75% or higher;
  • pass the state exam with a score of 75% or higher;
  • have an FBI Criminal Background Check - Complete information can be found here and here; (click the back arrow in the upper left corner to get back to this page) and
  • when you have passed your state exam, you have 60 days to affiliate with a principal broker and be active in the business or put your license in escrow with the Kentucky Real Estate Commission. (Inactive status)

When can I get started with my classes?

Today! The 96 clock hour of classes are offered as a blend of webcam and online classes.

So, you attend all classes from the comfort of your home or office. There's no drive time.

For 60 hours of the classes, you will attend RECampus. This class follows the book, Modern Real Estate Practice which is included in your tuition. If you have about 4 minutes this YouTube video will show you how the system works.

Their Learning Management System is very sophisticated. When you login to attend a class, your progress is bookmarked. This provides peace of mind that should you have to log out, you will not have to repeat the entire segment when you login.  You'll just pick up where you left off.

Upon registration you receive access RECampus and can begin immediately. (This normally only takes a few minutes, but if you register after normal business hours, you will have access the next morning.)

The other 36 hours of classes are taught by webcam and are very much like being in a classroom. You can communicate in real time with the instructor and other students. As one person shared, "This is the only way to learn!"

The webcam class calendar is found below. 

This blend of online and live instruction is one of the factors that helps our students pass the first time! No, we don't offer that guarantee, but we do have a very high pass rate.

Our classes are limited to 12 students, so your questions are answered in a timely manner.

Your instructor is Joyce Bea Sterling, who has taught real estate classes for over 25 years.

Real estate is her passion and you know that when you attend her classes. She holds the coveted DREI, or Distinguished Real Estate Instructor designation and has taught at the National Association of REALTORS(R) conventions.

What are the technical requirements? 

You must have a high speed internet connection and a webcam. A wired connection is best.

You may attend a FREE webcam class to assure that your system works properly and that this method of learning is right for you. Email me to register for the FREE webcam class.

(People love the webcam classes and many wish the entire 96 hours was taught by webcam!)

Are classes ever cancelled?

It is our policy to teach every class, but classes may be cancelled for circumstances beyond our control, such as a technology issue. If a class is cancelled, it will be rescheduled at the earliest convenience of the parties, just as it would be in the classroom.

What is your attendance policy?

You have six months from the date of enrollment to complete the 96 hours of classes. This may be extended for free for another six months to complete the course. One additional 6 month extension will be $100.

What is your tuition?

Our tuition is $540. It includes your book, Modern Real Estate Practice, the Kentucky Real Estate Law Review and the Pass MY Real Estate Exam Review Videos. (Review is $84.99 if purchased separately.) The book is sent by Priority Mail and arrives in most locations in about three business days.

Do I take the online classes or the webcam classes first?

That's up to you.  Most people finish the 60 hours of online, then attend the webcam classes. You may take the classes concurrently, and the webcam classes can be taken
in any order. Last summer one person finished the classes in 3.5 weeks, but most people take 2 to 3 months to finish the classes and secure their license.

What are the other expenses?

That's a great question! There are a few other details to consider.

Tuition - $540
State Exam Fee - $100

Kentucky Real Estate License Fee - Around $200
(It depends on the time of the year when you get your license.)

If your sponsoring broker is a REALTOR(R), you will be required to become a REALTOR(R) and pay the Board dues and Multiple Listing Service dues. Depending on the Board, these dues will be at least $1,200 annually. (Some Boards are more than that.) Most Boards will allow you to pay quarterly. Your broker will be able to tell you exactly what those fees are.

The real estate license allows you to build a "business within a business." So, you may want to have money for additional business expenses.

What are the policies of the Career Development Center?

That's another great question! 

Students may cancel enrollment by written notification within two weeks of payment. Written notification may be sent to:
Career Development Center - PO Box 23356, Lexington, KY 40523

or by emailing Joyce Bea Sterling at

Delivery confirmation by email is the responsibility of the student.

If a student cancels an enrollment, all materials must be returned at the student's expense in a resalable condition within 30 days. Cancellation is subject to a $200 cancellation fee. Refunds will be issued after the materials are returned in a resalable condition. If materials are not returned there is a $250 cancellation fee.

If a check is returned or a credit card is denied, a $25 service fee will be assessed with the (10) ten days notice as provided in KRS 514.040. The student will not be allowed to login to a class until full payment is made. 

Any student who does not pass the state exam may repeat any course within six months of the original enrollment date at no additional charge.

If class materials or books have been updated since the initial enrollment, an administrative fee of $150 and the purchase of any new textbook will be required.

The Kentucky Real Estate Commission requires that a student be seen at all times by the web cam. Any instructor has complete authority to dismiss any student from any class for not being seen by the web cam or any other conduct deemed by the instructor to be adverse to the best interest of the class.

What is the webcam class schedule?

There is a 10 minute break every 50 minutes. Most people say the time goes by fast.

All classes are in the Eastern Daylight Time Zone.

Morning Classes - Monday through Thursday - 8:30 a.m. to 12:20 p.m.
Evening Classes - Monday through Thursday - 6:30 p.m. to 10:20 p.m.
The morning and evening classes alternate every week.

If you can attend both morning and evening classes you can complete them in two weeks.
If you can only attend morning or evening classes, you can complete them in four weeks. 
Remember, you have six months to complete the course!

There are 8 webcam classes that are taken at specific times.
On this calendar you will see them as WC 1, WC 2, etc.

You may attend any class when they are offered.
Each class is self-contained, so they do not have to be taken in numercial order.

The class final is given on Tuesday morning and the following week on Tuesday evening.  You must complete the 92 hours of classes and study before you can attend the Class Final.

Modern Real Estate Practice book - Review Materials

All major credit cards are accepted.

Click here to apply for PayPal Credit which offers six months same as cash to qualified borrowers.

When you register you are attesting that the person enrolling in the class is the person who will be attending the classes and that you have read and agree to the above terms.

If you are making payment for another person to attend classes, please email me the name, address, phone number and email address of the person who will be attending.


Our Mission

"We are dedicated to life-long learning. We realize your future depends upon the skill set you possess. Knowing this, we are dedicated to helping you change your life by preparing you intellectually with quality education and training, so you may successfully contribute to our global community."

Thomas R. Lambuth, Director
Joyce Bea Sterling, Instructor

Call:    859-474-0448


Joyce, Yahoo!!!  Wahoo!!!  Wowzers!!!  
I scheduled the national and state test for this morning ...
and passed with an 86% on national and 98% on state!!!

(Although I will tell you that their test was hard.....
I would never tell anyone that it was easy, which is what I was told!)
So excited, relieved and mentally exhausted... very happy!!

Thank you SO, SO much!! I am forever indebted to you
and have praised GOD for you and your school, many times!
Have a blessed evening and thank you again,
JS - Lexington, KY
Ms. Joyce,
I passed my test this morning! Glad I studied so much!
I made a 90% on the National and a 93% on the state part.
And, of course, since I love math there was only 4 math questions on the entire test!
Oh well, I passed and I am excited about this opportunity to serve KY!
Thanks for all of the prep material and making the class enjoyable!
I will definitely refer you to anyone interested in becoming a REALTOR®
(my husband will probably be in your class before too long)!
AS - Corbin, KY


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