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Why is our tuition so much lower than other schools?
We're good business people. Our business is built on referrals, we don't pay Google
a lot of adversting money, we don't pay referrals fees to brokers, we developed our learning management system and course materials.

Your instructor is considered one of the BEST in the COUNTRY by her peers,
and her students see her passion and commitment to the industry.

"Joyce, one ago today I enrolled in real estate classes, not knowing what to expect but filled with excitement and anticipation. What a year it has been!

I'm still filled with anticipation that the most exciting part of my life is just around the corner. 
Thank you for walking every step of the way with me. 
I've been so blessed by your mentoring and immeasurable inspiration. 
Thank you.  I cannot think but that I would have given up the courage to continue 
had it not been for you. THAT will always be part of my testimony. Indeed." 

The above quote came from a person who passed in 2014. This is her Facebook post on October, 24, 2018.

"This one makes me a little teary eyed. Completing and achieving my Certified Residential Specialist is such a thrilling honor. The CRS is one of the highest and most prestigious designations in the entire real estate industry.
What a privilege to post this dream come true.

My Dad always told me 'hard work pays off good.' He was right. And, I'm very proud to add that I am the ONLY CRS REALTOR(R) in the South Central KY Association of REALTORS(R). Call me to share more good news about this industry. Life is good and the market is DREAMTASTIC!!!!!"
Deborah Morgan

Instructor Comment: Statistics show that people who earn designations earn more money!
We have a plan for your post licensure classes that also apply for your educational hours for a broker's license. 
ALL classes are NOT the same!


"This was an exception class! The material was presented well, the instructor was 
extremely organized, knowledgeable, encouraging and patient. 
Every minute of the course was professional and efficiently 
geared toward learning about Real Estate and Real Estate Law. 

I have earned well over 200 college credit hours and this course stands out
as one of the very best I can remember in either undergraduate school of graduate school.
I highly recommend this class to anyone wishing to enter the practice of real estate."

"I would definitely recommend Joyce Bea Sterling 
to anyone interested in getting a real estate license. 
It is obvious by her friendly attitude and personality 
that she loves what she does and she makes learning enjoyable."

"I would like to thank Joyce. She made the transition for a 55 year old simple. 

She is very professional and I highly recommend her.
Many thanks and blessings."

"Joyce does a wonderful job with her materials and presentation. 
Her care and concern for me during this learning process has been above and beyond!"

"Excellent class. It was a very easy and convenient way to learn the material."

"My Dad took classes from Joyce over 20 years ago when he got his license.
As a teenager, I wanted nothing to do with real estate.
As an adult, I saw how my Dad built a successful business and I wanted the same for my family.
When I asked by Dad where I should go to school, he said,
'Find Joyce Bea Sterling. She's the best and that's the only place to go.'
That's what I tell people who ask me today.
Thanks, Joyce!"

"I really enjoyed the class. Joyce mixed in real life examples to go along with the material covered  which made the concepts much easier to understand. Also, her preparation strategies along with the review materials she provided really helped me prepare for the test. She was very knowledgeable on the subject matter and it is clear that she has a real passion for real estate."

"One of the most pleasant people I have met. Joyce Bea Sterling is a true professional and an expert in her craft.
I definitely will recommend others looking to start in real estate to take this course."

Please read the entire page. Registration is at the bottom of the page.

What Is Your Pass Rate?

That's a valid question and we won't mislead you. The answer is, "Our pass rate is high, if you study!"

In September 2017, one of our students made 80/80 on the national section. That is rare, but she did it!
She only missed two questions on the state law section! 
Yes, that is a WOW!

We have many people that pass the first time, but not all do. Sometimes "life happens" and a person just doesn't
have the focus necessary to pass the first time. We're here to help if you don't. 

Are there other requirements?

The Kentucky Real Estate Commission requires that you
-- be at least 18 years of age
-- have a high school education, or equivalent
-- complete KREC approved Real Estate classes (The 96 hours that we offer.)
-- pass the state exam with a score of 75 percent or higher
-- submit a FBI background check
-- have a sponsoring broker.

Having a criminal record does not automatically disqualify someone from getting a real estate license, but there will be other steps to take to secure your Kentucky Real Estate license.

If you have a criminal record, please read the FAQs found on the KREC website before you enroll.

A copy of the high school diploma, college diploma, or GED is sent to the KREC when you pass your real estate exam. When you pass your real estate exam the law gives you 60 days to find a sponsoring broker or put your license in escrow.

What are the technology requirements?

You must have a high speed internet connection and a webcam.
Our learning management system for the From the Ground Up course was designed by a real estate school and it is very easy to navigate and use! You may retake the tests as many times as you wish and you have access until you pass. 

The From the Ground Up meets the requirements for 60 clock hours of classes and can be taken 24/7. When you enroll you will have immediate access and can get started immediately. Click here to a link to the first five chapters of the book.

There 21 hours of webcam classes, which are at a set time with a live instructor.
A webcam class is almost like walking into the classroom, except you don't have to drive!
(Did I mention that people LOVE the webcam classes!) 

Each webcam class is "self contained" and covers a specific topic, so the webcam classes do NOT have to be taken in numerical order. The schedule is very flexible because you can login and attend anytime one is offered. They are three hour classes with a break every 50 minutes.

Morning Webcam Classes - 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. - Eastern Time
Afternoon Webcam Classes - 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. - Eastern Time
Evening Webcam Classes  - 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. - Eastern Time

The final hour of the webcam class is online where you review the class and take the test over the class.  
The class test is taken after you finish your 92 hours of classes and you have STUDIED!

To see the next month's schedule, click the right arrow button in the upper left corner.



January 20, 2018

Dear Joyce,
I passed my test Friday. I wanted to thank you for sticking with me through my heart attack, my stroke and my aneurysm. I know all of those things sound ridiculously made up, but they all happened during 2017. You were kind enough to allow me extra time to prepare.

Now that I am healthy, I intend to work hard to be a successful REALTOR(R). I will never forget you or your professional teaching methods; and I will always remember your kindness and grace. I will pass that on to someone else whenever I have the opportunity.

You are the best teacher I have ever had and that includes college and grad work. I pray Gods' blessings and peace be on you.

What Are Your Other Policies?

You have six months from the date of enrollment to complete the 96 hours of classes.
This may be extended for free for another six months to complete the course. One additional 6 month extension will be $100. 
Everyone has a week to cancel the class. All refunds are subject to the return of the book and a $200 fee.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Kentucky Real Estate License?

Our tuition, books and review materials are $299 or $359.
The exam fee is $100.

The KREC license fee and Errors and Omissions Insurance will be around $200. (The E&O insurance is prorated, but this is a good estimate.)
If you place your license with a brokerage that is a REALTOR(R) then you will have Board fees and MLS fees.
Please discuss those fees with your principal broker.

Other Questions?

If we haven't answered your questions, just call, email or text.

Call or text Joyce at 859-380-0900
Email -

Its Time To Open the Doors to Your Real Estate Career!

If you are making a payment for someone else, please email this information for the student:
Name, address, email, and phone number. You may also call me to process the payment by phone.  859-380-0900

By making your payment you agree to the policies on this page.  When you click the Add to Cart button you will be taken to to register and make your payment. This is the site where the learning management system is located and where you will attend the online class.

$359 - Includes a physical book being mailed to you.

Your tuition includes the book, From the Ground Up, the Pass My Real Estate Exam Review Videos and the Kentucky Real Estate Law Review. 

$299 - Includes a digital book that you may download and open on one computer.  Access is for one year.


Book, Review Materials


Our Mission

"We are dedicated to life-long learning. We realize your future depends upon the skill set you possess.
Knowing this, we are dedicated to helping you change your life by preparing you intellectually with quality education and training, so you may successfully contribute to our global community." 
Thomas R. Lambuth, Director
Joyce Bea Sterling, Instructor